2022 Conference

Liberation Theologies in Comparative Perspective

March 21-22, 2022, Boston College


We will post the program here in Spring 2022.


Tracy Tiemeier, Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University

Theme of the Conference

In responding to the recent global uprisings for justice, contending with social and economic inequity, and navigating the complexities of interdependency, Engaging Particularities XIX invites scholars to submit proposals that draw upon liberation theologies in conversation and conjunction with comparative theology. Topics can include considering comparative theology as liberatory, liberation theologies in comparative perspective, and comparing liberation theologies. We are especially interested in submissions that privilege embodied and epistemological perspectives of the historically marginalized, and may include such resources as feminist, postcolonial, disability, Asian, Latine and/or Black theology. We will consider proposals from comparative theology, interreligious dialogue, theology of religions, religious studies, missiology, and related subject matters.

Engaging Particularities XIX invites scholars working in the fields of comparative theology, interreligious dialogue, theology of religions, religious studies, and missiology, to submit comparative proposals that consider the place of ritual in our world today, paying particular attention to the role rituals play in the formation of our identities, both personally and communally.

We also invite proposals on critical issues and themes from various disciplinary perspectives (such as but not limited to ethics, systematics, historical studies, biblical studies, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, etc.) in four areas: comparative theology, interreligious dialogue, theology of religions, and missiology.

To submit a proposal, please email an abstract of no more than 250 words to epbcsubmissions@gmail.com by January 15, 2022. Please indicate whether you are submitting for the special focus or general call, and include your contact information, institution, and program. Funds are available on a limited basis for participants to help supplement travel expenses. For more information or questions, please reach out to the planning team at epbcsubmissions@gmail.com, or visit engagingparticularities.com.

Sponsored by:

Comparative Theology Area, Theology Department at Boston College

Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

U.S. Jesuit Assistancy for Mission and Interreligious Dialogue