Graduate Student Conference on Comparative Theology and Interreligious Dialogue

The Engaging Particularities conference at Boston College will be taking a sabbatical during the 2023-2024 academic year.  After twenty fruitful conferences, this year will be taken as a reflective learning experience to consider how the Engaging Particularities conference can be more efficient and effective. 

We seek to push the boundaries of comparative theology further through cultivating a space for graduate students to connect, learn, and grow together—especially those who would never meet except for the occasion of Engaging Particularities.

We welcome your thoughts on years past and hopes for years future.  Please feel free to email Megan Hopkins at or the entire Engaging Particularities team at with any questions or concerns.

The Engaging Particularities Team

 Engaging Particularities is the longest-running, student-run conference dedicated to theology/religious studies in the Northeastern sector of the United States, seeking to foster, at the level of graduate and post-graduate inquiries, the possibility of interreligious enrichment and cooperation.

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